Fairmined 100 Collection

Fairmined 100 Collection

 Truss and Ore is a proud participant in the Fairmined 100 Challenge, a campaign created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining with the purpose of generating a positive impact in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector and the gold industry by encouraging designers to create new collections using Fairmined gold. 

This is the Lietuva capsule collection - designs inspired by the pagan symbolism that is commonly seen in Lithuanian folk art and various architectural details reflecting similar geometry. The pieces include Montana sapphires in colors inspired by the Baltic Sea at sunset.


Make a Truss and Ore piece your own by customizing it with your favorite gemstone. Together, we can create the ring of your dreams! 

Making a Truss and Ore design your own is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Choose a ring design 
2. Choose a gemstone
3. Choose a finish


  • Select one of the designs in this collection and check out with the deposit. This deposit includes a one hour 1 on 1 consultation call and is non-refundable, but the amount will be applied to the final price of your customized piece.
  • We will schedule a call to discuss the type of gemstone you would like, your budget, time frame, and any other details. Then I get to treasure hunting and check in with you along the way with photos so we can find the perfect gemstone for you! I can prioritize criteria that is important to you, whether it be specific origin, color, or treatment, but all of the choices will fit within Truss and Ore’s responsible sourcing parameters. 
  • Then I fabricate your ring with my usual care and attention to detail, using 18 karat yellow Fairmined gold. You can choose a high polish or matte finish, and engraving is an option as well!

Please note: These customizable designs can be made with a variety of gemstones, which can vary widely in cost. The final price of your Truss and Ore customized piece will start at the base price listed within each product description. 

Once your order is received, I will reach out to schedule our consultation call. At any time, please feel free to  contact me via email with any questions. Due to the uncertain nature of sourcing gemstones from a limited selection of suppliers, I cannot estimate a production timeline ahead of time so please choose this option if you are not in a hurry.

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