portrait of Ana Brazaityte, standing in front of a jewelry bench and jewelry tools on a peg board

The Artist

Hey! I'm Ana Brazaityte and I'm the owner, designer, and maker of Truss and Ore Jewelry, based in Berkeley, CA (Ohlone land). My jewelry designs are most often inspired by modern art and architecture. I especially love the style of the Bauhaus school and the artists' intentional and artful approach to creating beautiful and functional objects. I take this same approach with every piece of jewelry I make. I've practiced metalworking since 2011, when I fell in love with it in an elective class while studying photography at Columbia College in Chicago. 


Truss and Ore is, first and foremost, a reflection of my own personal values. I see jewelry as an artistic expression of a story - a story of human connection, love, and celebration. I truly value this connection with my clients, as well as with the global community of people whose lives are impacted by the jewelry industry. 

As a business, Truss and Ore is rooted in creating a positive impact. I am committed to working toward a jewelry industry that is beneficial to all people along the supply chain and prioritizes stewardship of the environment. This is reflected in my business and sourcing practices, as well as my volunteer work with educational initiatives and my philanthropic actions. (I also value citing sources and showing my work, so more in depth information on this coming soon!)

Environmental and social issues in the industry are complex and must be approached with nuanced and critical thinking. I believe supporting responsible artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) operations such as the Fairmined certified organizations is key to contributing to social, environmental, and racial justice in relation to the jewelry industry. Responsible ASGM is just one way that communities in the Global South can benefit from the resources of their own lands, which have historically been exploited through colonialism and its lasting impacts. 

Transparency is a core value for Truss and Ore and I welcome all conversation about my materials sourcing and business practices.  

Giving Back

In 2022, my direct donations to organizations working to push the jewelry industry in a positive direction equaled 11% of the total Truss and Ore sales amount for the year. As this business is a small and part-time endeavor for me, this does not represent a large amount of money, but I do want to highlight that I prioritize supporting organizations in the jewelry industry that align with my values. The organizations include: We Wield the Hammer, Black In Jewelry Coalition, Better Without Mercury, Ethical Metalsmiths, Marange Women’s Alliance (through Responsible Jewelry Transformative), Gem Legacy, Mercury Free Mining