portrait of Ana Brazaityte, standing in front of a jewelry bench and jewelry tools on a peg board

The Artist

Hey! I'm Ana Brazaityte and I'm the owner, designer, and maker of Truss and Ore Jewelry, based in Berkeley, CA. My line of unique, contemporary jewelry is most inspired by modern art and architecture. I especially love the style of the Bauhaus school and the artists' intentional and artful approach to creating beautiful and functional objects. I take this same approach with every piece of jewelry I make. I've practiced metalworking since 2011, when I fell in love with it in an elective class while studying photography at Columbia College in Chicago. 

If you're looking for a fresh perspective in fine jewelry with a focus on ethical production, you've come to the right place! 


I believe strongly in the value of quality craftsmanship and really taking the proper time to fabricate each piece of jewelry individually. As a one-woman business operation, it's very important to me that my business values align with my personal values. 

What does this mean more specifically? 
Using certified artisanal small-scale mined 18k gold. 
- Sourcing traceable, ethically mined and cut gemstones.
- Reducing, reusing, recycling in studio materials and packaging.
- Continuously learning and working to bring responsible jewelry making practices to the forefront 

All of these practices are implemented with the goal of benefitting people upstream of the jewelry supply chain and making sure any negative environmental impacts are mitigated as much as possible. 

Jewelry is a beautiful reflection of a story, a connection. In a world rife with fast fashion and jewelry produced in the cheapest way possible, we can choose a better option and make a difference. We can choose the option that creates a connection to the artisan who handmade your jewelry, that more directly supports mining communities, that is more environmentally responsible…Truss and Ore promises jewelry that looks good and does good.