Jewelry Care

Your jewelry loves to be worn! Wearing your jewelry regularly helps it stay shiny and bright. If you're not wearing a piece for a while, keeping it in a closed container can help keep it from oxidizing. Here are some more tips on how to care for your jewelry based on the material it is made of:

Out of all the metals I use, brass changes the most. I do coat some pieces with a thin layer of protective wax but it will still darken a bit over time and can react to different substances it touches. I recommend taking your pieces off when you shower, wash your hands, or apply lotions. The way brass ages can add some interesting character to your jewelry, but if you don't love the way it looks it can also be cleaned easily. You can wash buildup off with gentle dish soap and an old toothbrush and dry thoroughly, or use some fine steel wool for more tarnished pieces. Polishing cloths can do the trick as well. 

Sterling Silver
Keep in a closed container if not wearing for a long time. Easy to clean with a polishing cloth if it tarnishes. 

Gold Plated
Gold plating means there is a thin layer of gold on top of another metal, achieved through an electrochemical process. It is best to remove these pieces when showering, washing hands, applying lotions, etc. as the plating can start to rub off or become discolored. Can be gently washed, but do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaners as this will remove the plating.

Gold Fill
With gold fill, a thicker layer of 14k gold (as compared to gold plating) is mechanically fused to another metal, which means it won't rub off with daily wear. As with all other metals, take care not to keep it in contact it with body products or chemicals as 14k gold can still react/tarnish slightly. As with gold plated pieces, these can also be washed or cleaned gently with a soft cloth, but avoid abrasive cleaners. 

18k Gold
Generally doesn't tarnish at all but can be cleaned with gentle dish soap if needed. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about how to care for your Truss and Ore jewelry!