Black and Gold Mourning Ring


14kt yellow gold mourning band, shows some subtle imperfections in the black line detail, though the break in the line feels intentional. 

Size 6

6.85mm wide

Weighs 2.72 grams

Part of the Truss and Ore Curated vintage jewelry collection, this item is not designed or made by Truss and Ore but thoughtfully selected from one of a variety of pre-owned jewelry sources.

What is a mourning ring?
As the name implies, mourning rings are made in memory of a loved one who has passed. Mourning rings are most often gold with enamel and may have initials and/or a date of passing engraved on them. Early accounts of their use date to the Roman Empire and by the 15th-17th centuries, they were commonly worn by all the close loved ones of the deceased. The tradition became more extravagant over the ages, with more and more people in the community (like doctors and judges) receiving mourning rings when someone passed. To me, they’re a reminder of the fleeting beauty of life, imbued with our human desire to want to hold on to loved ones even after they are gone.